The art of Shiatsu massage has become a very popular form of massage technique. With a Japanese origin, it only makes sense that Shiatsu would be the massage of choice in Japan. The technique involves the massage therapist using their palms, hands and thumbs to give a deep massage to the many pressure points. Together, this relieves pain and stress and immediately relaxes tight muscles.

Also referrred to as acupressure, Shiatsu is able to give much needed relief to stressful and tight muscle areas. It is this technique that makes it a popular choice among recipients. So if you plan on scheduling a Shiatsu massage, here are 3 benefits you will experience almost instantly.

Muscle Ache Relief

With Shiatsu focusing on all of the stressful and tight muscles, your blood circulation will instantly improve. This technique allows fresh blood to enter the sore area and penetrate the muscles to help in rejuvination.

A Feeling of Relaxation

The relaxed feeling can’t be stressed enough, it is just an overall great massage. At the end of your session you can’t help but feel relaxed and calm. Not only that but Shiatsu also instantly relieves muscle tension and tightness. In return, you receive an increase in the circulation of blood to that tight area.

Overall Improvement of Digestive and Circulatory Systems

Just by attending a single Shiatsu massage session, you will quickly notice digestive and circulatory improvement. Because of the Shiatsu technique relaxing every muscle area, it is no surprise that your digestive system would digest food better.

When your circulatory system gets stimulated, you will notice your stamina increase tremendously along with an increased energy level and metabolism.

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